Since 1975, Sound Dynamics Associates has been recording and 
audio archiving The Rhode Island Philharmonic.

Program: CHARLES IVES: Three Places in New England; GEORGE GERSHWIN:  Rhapsody in Blue; I Got Rhythm Variations, Terrence Wilson, Pianist; SAMUEL BARBER: Symphony Nš 1 in One Movement
Larry Rachleff, Conducting

Stage of the Veterans Memorial Auditorium - View from Balcony

Closer view with Kurt from Avery Piano Co tuning the Piano

Two Neumann KM 83 Omni Microphones - Main Stereo Pair
suspended in pre-final position; DPA 4007 is midway above.

All three microphones in final position according to the RCA "Living Stereo"
three microphone / three channel position

Matthew Paquin, assisting his grandfather, looks up at microphones.

David Gasper, Operations Dir. and Artistic Manager - L
Matthew Paquin, learning the audio recording art - C
Francisco Noya, Resident Conductor of the RIPO - R

RME 400 Digtial Audio Interface; GLYPH 5050Q Hard Drive - 2 GB
PRECISION 8 Microphone Preamplifiers - 8 channels
HP 6000 V 2GB  with Adobe Audition 2.0 Digital Recording Program
Matthew's Nintendo DS to help pass the the time

Matthew Paquin with his Nintendo DS - The latest Red Case Version

Matthew Paquin with Larry Rachleff, RI Philharmonic's Music Director

Matthew standing on conductor's Podium

Matthew standing in back of balcony rail just after positioning the microphones

Matthew with the aging VMA mascot (16 years old)
Dog is pet of Jake Hagenauer, VMA Stage Tech. Director.