It began in the mid 1940's with this Webster/Chicago 78 RPM record player!

When Pierre Paquin was not yet three years old, so the family story goes, he was already putting classical records on the phonograph player by himself. "My mother told me I always wanted to listen to  the Brahms Second Piano Concerto - the Toscanini-Horowitz version on a 78 rpm set,"  the owner of Sound Dynamics Associates says with a certain amount of pride. "Even then it was not only the music but the sound of it.'"  Since the time Pierre Paquin was three he has made it a life-long passion to listen to and to capture the sounds of world class classical music.  Today the family run business is serving the recording, duplication, programming and consulting needs of the classical music industry of New England. Jazz recording is part of the business along with record, tape restoration, and transfers to compact disc.