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Sound Dynamics Associates (SDA) is a family-run audio engineering business that has achieved an A+ reputation in Southern New England for recording live-concerts and recitals for over forty years. SDA is best known for being a "one-contact" company for the recording, duplication, and archiving recordings  of both professional and non-professional organizations dedicated to classical, liturgical and jazz ranging from orchestras, small ensembles to soloists, choruses to singers.  Please check out our partial clients list at left.   

We can link you with other affiliated audio experts in southern New England to record any rock group - live or in session - along with expert mixing of your recordings.  Advice for the purchase of the best, cost effective audio equipment for your group based upon a long history of listening to a wide array of music.  

Having this level of service available has proven to be invaluable to any musician and listener.